Registration Fee
Categories Student Regualr Author
Abstract  300 USD
350 USD
Full paper 450 USD 500 USD
Listener  250 USD 300 USD
Additional paper 350 / per one 350/ per one
Additional page 50 / per page 50/per page
One day visit 100 / Per one 100/ Per one
Note *For one full paper, if the pages are over 5, extra pages will be charged.
*Required documents: 1. final paper with word and pdf; 2. signed copyright; 3. filled registration form; 4. scanned payment proof. Send the package to to finish the registration.
*A copy of the student ID is required to register with the student rate.
1. Accommodation is excluded in registration fee. The delegates should reserve rooms themselves. Except the conference hotel, you are free to reserve it nearby.

2. Listeners can register onsite, however, the invitaiton letter will not be issued before the conference
3. For full papers, If you register late(after the deadline), your paper may not be published on time.
4. The registration fee cannot be refunded if the VISA application be denied.

Pay attention!! After you submitted all materials and finished registration process, your paper will be submitted to editors for re-modification and publication. If there are any problems, the conference secretary will mail or call you soon. Please check your mailbox usually and keep your cellphone available. If you cannot amend paper and feed back modified one before the deadline, publication will be cancelled without any refund.

Should You have any questions, please feel free to contact with conference secretary, MS.Celine,

PAYMENT(Kindly proceed with one of the following methods for payment:)
  • On-site Payment
    - This is only allowed in cash-term, and only for listeners
    - Please note that information of participants will not be included in the conference Program for onsite payment
  • Note:
  • Send the above documents to to finish the registration.
Registration Documents
  • Full paper and presentation
    • Final Paper (.doc&.pdf)
    • Signed copyright Form
    • Payment information
  • presentation only
    • Payment information
  • Listener
    • Payment information